Urban Air Automatic Fire System


What Does It Do? 

Our Automatic Fire Suppression System detects any fire you have and is designed to put it out at source.

What Can It Be Used To Protect? 

Our system can be used to protect your domestic and commercial grow rooms also can be used to protect Homes, Garages, Vehicles and much much MORE.

Whats Included? 

Automatic fire suppression system with or without electric shutdown box up to 13 amps (3000w), 1kg cylinder, 2 X 3 meters fire detection tubing, end of tube gauge, p clips, fixings and 1 commissioning kit.

More Information

For more information and video's please take a look at our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/UrbanAirFire or contact us directly on 01842 765566

Why Choose Novec?



Among the Clean Agents, it has a the lowest atmospheric lifetime of 5 days and zero ozone depletion potential. It is stored as a liquid, which makes it easier for transport.



Why Choose Novec?

Fire Protection Fluid is a fluid that acts like water, looks like water, and flows like water, but does not get things wet in the same way as water. When discharged from a fire apparatus, it converts to a gas, due to its thermodynamic properties and suppresses fire when used at its extinguishing concentration to remove heat. It is often used to extinguish fires as part of Automatic fire suppression systems, especially in facilities housing electronic equipment and will not damage electronics in the way that water will.