G.E.T Aroma Flower FA A&B 4L

G.E.T Aroma Flower FA A&B 4L


G.E.T Aroma Flower FA A&B 4L

To be used in blending fertilizer for hydroponic or soil applications. all of G.E.T products are based on mixing ml in to 10 LITRES OF WATER FOR HYDROPONICS AND 15 Litres for soils. 

Use FA and FB with MB during the Bloom Cycle. The Aroma Formula meets the needs of all plants, we start off feeding low, increasing mineral elements as and when the plant needs. 

Flowering growth, set pH at 5.7. Use FA with THE AROMA FORMULA FB and MB. Mixing THE AROMA FORMULA FA & FB 2ml over the ml level that you left off in the vegetation stage. 

Keep following the ml increase or decrease by the coloring of your plant leaves. Always use 40 ml MB per 10 litres of water for Hydroponics and 15 litres of water for Soil’s. 

There are growers using only 40 ml’s per 10 litres of water of the FA & FB with 40 ml MB staying with a normal growth rate which is highly Recommended, it is up to you how you end up feeding your garden. 

Quantity:  at  £60.00  each