Advanced Nutrients Micro 4L

Advanced Nutrients Micro 4L


Advanced Nutrients Micro 4L

For growers who demand complete control, Advanced Nutrients 3-part nutrient regime is unbeatable.

By separating the growth, bloom and micro elements into three distinct components, you can combine as you wish to provide a specialised feed to suit the needs of your plants from propagation and structural growth to heavy flowering. For best results monitor nutrient quality with a conductivity meter and control nutrient strength.

Replace nutrient solution every week.

Advanced Nutrients has developed this full spectrum nutrient exclusively for heavy feeding plants grown under high pressure sodium and metal halide lights. Producing an unmatched accelerated growth in the vegetative period and a faster heavy flowering and fruiting plant in the blooming cycle.

Always add Micro to your reservoir first and then followed by Bloom and Grow.

Quantity:  at  £31.90  each