Adjust-A-Wing Light Reflector

Adjust-A-Wing Light Reflector


Adjust-A-Wing Light Reflector


Ingenious Design

Adjust-A-Wings® are easy-to-use and operate, built on the basic principles of logic and simplicity. The “Wings,” as they are affectionately known in the industry, form a succession of perfect double parabolic shapes when assembled, flexed and tensioned. Assembled, they appear similar to an archer’s bow. This creates a rigid (but lightweight) and adjustable double parabolic reflector. This unique design has no need for bulky structural supports or additional housing to enclose the reflective surface.

Adjust-A-Wings® reflectors are incredibly power efficient and versatile lighting systems. Firstly, Adjust-A-Wings® can be set to a wide formation for maximum light diffusion—this allows the light to be positioned very close to instalation place for a great combination of light intensity and area coverage. Alternatively they can be adjusted to a narrow setting to create a narrow, intense “beam” of light.

The Adjust-a-wing Enforcer is available in three sizes small (400W), medium (400W to 600W) and large (1000W) and each component (Reflector, Lamp holder and Super spreader) is sold separately. The large Enforcer can be purchased with an additional lamp holder and Super spreader to create a twin 600W lamp reflector. The reflector is manufactured from highly reflective glass coated aluminium.

Key Features:

  • Double parabolic open ended reflector
  • Highly reflective glass coated Aluminium
  • Adjustable parabolic shape
  • Convert to a twin 600W lamp reflector
  • Adjustable lamp holder
  • Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps



Quantity:  at  £73.00  each