Maylar Dimond reflective film

Maylar Dimond reflective film


Maylar Dimond reflective film

This fantastic product from Metagro is 'diamond pressed', which increases light diffusion in the grow room meaning no more hotspots! In addition to this it is easier to handle and more resistant to creasing than any other sheeting on the market, and all with the existing benefits of Metagro's premium Reflect-a-Gro. Click on the picture below to see the incredible diamond finish!

- Diamond pressed for increased light diffusion and easier handling
- 50% more reflective than standard black & white sheeting
- Flame Retardant with Total Blackout
- EMP Guard
- 1M x 1.4M

• The Metagro range of reflective sheeting offers you the highest quality option for growers who want maximum yield from their plants.

• It is the only reflective sheeting that has Encapsulated Metal Protection (EMP) achieved through an advanced laminate bonding technology exclusive to the range.

• The reflective metal layer is sandwiched behind a clear protective PET film that gives protection against damage and corrosion from heat, humidity, moisture and handling.


Quantity:  at  £3.99  each