Plant Magic Platinum

Plant Magic Platinum


Plant Magic Platinum

Plant Magic Platinum is a highly concentrated flowering / fruiting PK booster with a difference. Unlike most PK boosters on the market, Plant Magic Platinum contains double the amount of potassium to phosphorus which is shown to really boost your flowers and fruits to their full potential, often enabling fruits to develop a dense structure whilst enhancing flavour, aroma, and increasing sugar production.

As well as containing phosphorus and potassium, Plant Magic Platinum also contains a small amount of nitrogen to maintain plant health and keep the nutritional / element balance at an optimal level. The actual NPK ratio of Platinum is 3.8 – 13 – 26.

As well as standard NPK it is packed full of complex beneficial bio-stimulants, amino acids, and high levels of sulphur, all of which help make Platinum an exciting PK booster that should give you fantastic results.

The high-quality bio-stimulants that are used in Platinum are known to be effective at enhancing root growth and breaking down food to a form more readily available / easily absorbable for the plant, which in turn increases the uptake speed of vital elements. 

The bio-stimulants have added benefits if you’re growing in soil as they help increase Cation Exchange Capacity and are a valuable food source for beneficial microbes, bacteria, and fungi that already reside in most premium quality soils.
The amino acids used in Plant Magic Platinum have been extensively researched and adjusted to contain just the right blend and just the right amount to ensure your flowers and fruits develop to the best of their ability.

Finally, Plant Magic Platinum contains high levels of sulphur to ensure the uptake of phosphorus by the roots is greatly increased. Sulphur is also known to speed up photosynthesis which will boost the rate of growth and increase the production of essential sugars that give your fruits / flowers that distinctly superior flavour and aroma.


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