Rox Flower Enhancer 1L

Rox Flower Enhancer 1L


Rox Flower Enhancer 1L

Rox is a nutrient supplement designed to substantially enhance flowering in your blooming plants.

Rox will greatly increase the yield, quality and appeal of your plants.

Rox is added to your usual nutrient for 7 - 10 days around weeks 3, 4 or 5 depending on the flowering time of your plants.

Massive weight increases are seen.

Rox contains many pgr's (Plant growth regulators) which no other bloom stimulators or boosters contain..... Hence it does what no other stim or booster can!!

Instructions: add to your regular flowering nutrient & additives for 7-10 days only around weeks 3-4 of flowering.  Hydro use 3ml per litre, soil & coco use 5ml per litre

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