Canna PH- 1L

Canna PH- 1L


Canna PH- 1L

If you are growing organically and you need to lower the PH value of your nutrient solution, this Organic PH Down from Canna is the best acid for the job.

Canna Organic PH Down contains 50% citric acid and bacteria and moulds thrive well on citric acid, and therefore also in your water when you use this organic solution.

Canna Organic PH Down is used for the acidulation of your nutrient solution as an alternative to nitric acid and phosphoric acids, as these acids are not really what you want to use with organic nutrient solutions.

How To Use
Add your organic nutrients to your water first and then add Canna Organic PH Down in small amounts to your water, stir well and test the PH level.

Repeat this process until you have reached the required PH level recommended for the organic nutrients you are using.

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