Essentials RoomClean 1L

Essentials RoomClean 1L


Essentials RoomClean 1L

When used regularly, RoomClean will keep your growroom and growing equipment clean and free from fungi and bacteria. RoomClean can be used on all hard surfaces, such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, vinyl and painted surfaces.

RoomClean is supplied in a 1L concentrate at a 25:1 concentration (it goes further than its competitors and is natural) ideal for mixing in a bucket for disinfecting growrooms at the end of a crop. RoomClean is also supplied in a ready to use spray bottle (RTU) form. ideal to have at hand anytime to mop up spillages or kill unwanted algae growth on growroom surfaces. There is no need to remove plants from the growroom before using this product

kills harmful bacteria.

No need to remove plants.

safe for children and pets.

100% natural product

Quantity:  at  £9.99  each