Essentials Silicon+ from

Essentials Silicon+ from


Essentials Silicon+ from

Essentials Silicon+ produces a stronger plant by enhancing cell structure and also aids the development of root systems. The high pH of essentials Silicon+ enables the product to be used as a pH up in hydroponic systems.

Benefits of Essentials Silicon+

Better resistance to various diseases.

Even uptake of nutrients and helps prevent toxic build-up of nutrients in plant tissue.

Reduces water loss through transpiration.

Produces thicker, whiter, healthier root systems.

Increases chlorophyll production producing darker green leaves.

Improved photosynthesis, leading to the adility to tolerate both lower and higher light levels.

Adds very useful extra potassium for enhanced flowering/fruiting

For optimum results, use essentials silicon+ alongside your chosen nutrient from early growth through to harvest.


Fill your tank with water, add the Silicon+, mix well, and then add the nutrient.


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